Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia

  • Location : Sampoerna Strategic Building, North Tower, 6th & 7th floor
  • Completion : 2008
  • Usable Area : 2250 sqm
  • Scope of Work : Partition, flooring, wood panel, custom-made furniture, system furniture, chairs, mechanical-electrical
  • Design Concept :
    Modern, clean but still local values represent in the teraso flooring at the lobby and a lot of wooden accent in the working areas. Antique standing lamps and some local art craft give strong Indonesian accent


Kompleks Green Lake City Rukan Crown Blok B No. 27
Kel. Petir Kec. Cipondoh, Kota Tangerang 15147 - Indonesia
T +6221 5500 999
F +6221 5500 998